Real Estate Exam Tips and Tricks

When practiced enough, a habit becomes a discipline that helps you to accomplish a goal.  In the four years I have been instructing, proctoring and testing potential licensee’s, I have noticed a few disciplines that need to be developed for future agents to pass their tests: The PSI and your course Exam cover a vast […]

Susan Cook By Susan Cook

Open Houses: Turning a “Dud” Into a “Stud”

Holding an open house can benefit your sale because the additional advertising and signs help draw attention to your listing. Be aware, however, that the public may have unruly children, bring food into the home, or simply be a hard sell. These open house attendees can be “duds,” but if you are prepared, it may be possible to […]

Polly Wooldridge By Polly Wooldridge

Are you Following Fair Housing Laws?

Are You Following Fair Housing Laws? Too often, property managers and landlords find themselves in hot water over discriminating acts they were not even aware they had committed. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Federal Housing Amendments Act of 1988 prohibit discrimination on a number of criteria beyond just race or sex. The […]

Kim Niehaus By Kim Niehaus - Property Marketers, LLC

Just Bring Me A Buyer

What to Do When the Homeowner Does Not Have a Clue There’s a lot of competition out there, to be sure. Brand-new agents have to compete with experienced veterans, and that can be doubly difficult in a crowded real estate market. Remember the old 80/20 rule? Twenty percent of the people in any given industry account […]

Mark Forror By Mark Forror - Exit Professional Real Estate

Do’s & Don’ts of Joining a Real Estate Firm

Congratulations on deciding on a career in real estate!  Being a real estate agent is an exciting, interesting, and often very lucrative career choice.  Unless you’ve been self-employed before, it’s also somewhat of a leap of faith to go from a salaried job or school setting, to an entrepreneurial atmosphere where what you earn is […]

Pat Kline By Pat Kline - Avery Hess Realtors

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