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The Moseley Method

Thank you for your interest in Moseley to help meet your real estate education needs. Our proven Moseley Method builds knowledge and critical testing skills step-by-step to ensure that you are confident and prepared for your Real Estate Licensing Exams in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

The Moseley Method

More Than Just a Course.

Starting a new career in real estate can be both intimidating and confusing. While many schools just sell courses that try to help you pass an exam, Moseley is passionate about supporting you throughout your entire real estate career.

Getting Started.

Making a connection, finding a mentor, and developing your network are integral to your success. If you haven’t already done so, check out one of our free live, local career seminars hosted by an active agent in your neighborhood as you begin your training. LEARN LOCAL, SUCCEED LOCAL® with Moseley.


STEP 1: Complete your course work.

Build Your Base. Start building your knowledge base as you review the course materials. The materials are covered in the printed textbook, as well as in your Online Course Slideshows. For students enrolled in our Premier Package, your Trainer will share real life experiences to guide you through the material.

Tested Information Only. Rest assured that our materials cover all the required information on your state licensing exams, without the extra fluff.

Practice. Once you have successfully completed all our course content, use our Comprehensive Practice Exams to review and get ready for your Moseley Course E-Final Exam. Tee yourself up for success by completing your comprehensive practice exams under a timed setting to simulate the real deal. Strive to earn a 90% grade or higher on all your course training tools to ensure material mastery.

Moseley Course E-Final. Moseley students are required to pass their proctored E-Final exam with a grade of 75% or higher. Proctors will unlock your online E-Final once all course work has been completed.

Step 2: Register, Study & Pass Your State Licensing Exam

Register. After you have successfully completed your coursework and passed your Moseley E-Final Course Exam, your eligibility to sit for your state licensing exam will be reported by Moseley. Schedule your exam directly with your state-designated test administrator, and continue training with Moseley.

Practice & Pass. All Moseley licensing courses include free online exam prep. Our dynamic question test bank has over 1500 questions to fine tune your test taking skills and content knowledge. Review test taking strategies as well as question/answer explanations as you build your testing endurance and confidence. Strive to achieve 90% grade or higher on the topic tests and comprehensive tests as your state licensing test day approaches.


Step 3: Apply for Your Real Estate License

Once you have passed your state licensing exam, you will need to apply to the state specific board or commission for your license. Fingerprinting, background checks may be required. You will also need to associate with an active real estate broker in order to “hang your license”. This is a great opportunity to attend one of Moseley’s free career seminars to meet and network with a local broker.


Step 4: Maintain & Enhance Your License

Once you have earned your real estate license, most states require you to complete post-license education. Come back to Moseley to complete these courses for only $1/credit-hour. All of our online PLE courses are just $1/credit-hour.