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Keller Williams Reston/Herndon

Broker and Moseley Instructor
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Ann is known for her ability to make people laugh. While she’s outgoing and has an easy-going nature, her true strengths lie in her ability to listen and her compassion for the needs of others. Because of this, she excelled in the world of commercial interior sales and marketing, and enjoyed a lengthy career in management, sales, and training in the electronics and computer industry. She added to her marketing resume when she entered residential land development.

Ann’s priority is family, and she has been heavily involved in her children’s school and extracurricular activities. Once of her two favorite hobbies is cooking (the other is dancing), and though her father trained her in the art of preparation as a sous chef, she really developed her skills after she got married and it became a real passion for her. She loves planning meals and bringing people together to enjoy them. Pair her enjoyment of cooking with her love of providing service beyond expectation, and you’re in for a treat!