Successful Steps for New Real Estate Agents, Part 1

In this series, Nancy Jagger lists and explains some steps for success as a new real estate agent.

I have seen new agents come and go. I have seen them get very discouraged and disappointed, quit and move on, but some have come back stronger and better than the first time.

(1) Money, Money, Lots of Money.

The first thing you need to realize is this is not a quick/instant pay day job. You have to invest into it to get a good return. Your hours are your own, but make the best of them. Have a plan daily.

It is an investment in a future income. You have to start out by building your business up, building up confidence in yourself, and letting your prospects see that in you.

Do not give up your first year if your pockets are not jingling. Remember if that does not happen, “The best is yet to come!” Persistence is key. People say they will but never call you back so pick up that phone and call them! Ask for the business! We are often afraid of rejection, but how do you know if you do not ask? I usually say “I would love to help you when you are ready to decide about selling your home. I can show you how I can save you money and time. I come with a guarantee that we can terminate our agreement anytime if you are not pleased with my service.”

(2) I can work when I want to—WRONG

The 1st year or two are your building years. The years you get yourself out there, so to speak. Get into social things, clubs, meet people, build your “Sphere of Influence”. In this business people expect you to be there for them. Remember selling or buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a person makes in his or her lifetime. As you are in the business longer you will learn to manage your time. Time management is a very important aspect in the real estate business. Read or take a class on this. Some of the most productive agents practice time management. They have a daily list, priorities at the top. This could be called a systematic business as each of us have our own individual system of how we work–a pattern of what to do things. You need things, or a niche, that separates you from the rest of the agents out there.

Keep an eye out for the next 2 installments of this blog series, Successful Steps for New Real Estate Agents.

Nancy Jagger By Nancy Jagger