Successful Steps for New Real Estate Agents, Part 2

In this series, Nancy Jagger continues laying out 6 steps for achieving success as a new real estate agent:

(3 ) I have family and friends who will help me. You may, so good for you.

DO NOT rely on this. Unfortunately a lot of us relied on this and found out it does not always work. Get out in the world and draw your business from that. It only takes a deal or two to show people how great you are…..Once again here is our sphere of Influence at work. Try sending out some letters to the local people introducing yourself and your business plan. Introduce yourself in the local paper (your company broker may do that) And yes, have a business plan. Does a contractor build a home without a plan? Plan, Plan, Plan. You cannot have too many. You need to capture an audience. so to speak.

(4) I do not need to invest in further training. WRONG. I have been around almost 30 years and still need training. The industry changes so often, especially with all the technology we have now. A well-trained agent will be successful. Knowledge in this profession gives you the upper hand in a competitive business. Remember we are a trade business…we are in SALES. Some of the best and most productive agents are always training and looking for a way to have that edge over the competition. They say knowledge is WEALTH. In this business it can help you achieve your monetary goals.

Most associations require you to have additional training to receive your REALTOR designation which helps you be a cut above that average sales associate. Your greatest amount of training should be in ETHICS, FAIR HOUSING, ANTITRUST and PROFSSIONAL STANDARDS.

Successful Steps for New Real Estate Agents will finish with the final installment of this blog series, so make sure to check out for that entry when it’s released.

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