Successful Steps for New Real Estate Agents, Part 3

In this final entry in the series, Nancy Jagger lays out her last step for achieving success as a new real estate agent.

(5) I am on my own. No you are not! Yes, you are self-employed, but you have to be with a broker who is responsible for you. Look for your broker to be your liaison. Always ask questions no matter how petty they may seem. You can learn so much by not being totally independent in the beginning. I still, after almost 30, years run my contract by mine. Remember “another set of eyes” in this business is a big plus. And remember too, in most cases you are the “agent of the agent” so we depend on each other in this business. Sometimes agent form teams kind of like the power of two or more. I try to think of us as an army with each of us in different camps. Always try to attend local association meetings and there you can meet and share ideas and concerns with fellow realtors.

I just finished a class for Licensing and one of the first things I says is ” You will become a member of one of the biggest Professional teams in the country. Powerful lobbyist. The housing market has a tremendous effect on the economy. You need support from all the places you can receive it. You are entering into a big team, so be a good player.

Nancy Jagger By Nancy Jagger