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Real estate is a local business, and your local community is unique. No other real estate school embraces “Learn Local, Succeed Local” like Moseley. Moseley provides classroom learning and career networking in local real estate firms with active local real estate instructors. Learning your unique local market is absolutely critical to your career and investment success!

If for some reason, you are unable to attend a local classroom course, Moseley still has you covered. Take Moseley’s online course with local testing and attend a free, local real estate firm career seminar.

Once you are a licensed real estate agent, Moseley is there for you again with 100% FREE post-license and continuing education. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for your ongoing support and referrals. Your local career and investment success is our mission!

What makes Moseley Real Estate Schools stand apart from the competition?


Additional reasons why Moseley is the best choice.

Since 1972 – Moseley has been offering Real Estate education for over 45 years.

Course Delivery Options – While many schools only offer a single way to take your course (such as 0nline), Moseley offers multiple course delivery options and the MOST classroom locations available so that you can mix, match, and move to meet your busy schedule.

The Best Training Materials – While many schools simply teach from textbooks written by national publishers, Moseley takes the time and effort to develop our own materials tailored specifically to your state and exam. This way we are able to adjust the content quickly as the exam changes to maintain a high first-time pass rate for our students.

Free Shipping – Moseley never charges for shipping.