Why Choose Moseley Real Estate Schools?

Free Shipping · Flexible Learning Options · High First-Time Pass Rates · State-Specific Materials, No extra fluff!

Moseley Real Estate Schools have been training students for excellence in the real estate industry since 1972. At our real estate school, we train students to pass real estate licensing exams the first time. Our real estate schools puts students on the fast track to acquiring their Missouri, Florida or Virginia Real Estate License. Moseley eliminates the guess work by providing students with textbooks and materials that are focused exclusively on topics tested on their state’s real estate exam. By choosing Moseley, you will experience the best in realty licensing education and ongoing career assistance.

What makes our real estate school stand apart from the competition?

With Moseley, you get:

  • 100% Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC), Virginia Real Estate Board (VREB), and Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) approved courses
  • Better Textbooks & Learning Methods. Moseley develops state-specific textbooks and materials for one purpose–to pass a state’s real estate licensing exam. The Moseley textbook is designed around the Moseley Method of study. The Moseley Method is a the step-by-step teaching and learning system that makes every Moseley real estate school stand out from the rest. Our system organizes critical information and delivers all of the skills necessary to ensure that our students pass the state exam, every time!
  • More learning options for you. Our real estate school’s flexible delivery methods include correspondence, online, or instructor-led, live class training at a location near you. You can even mix and match delivery methods to suit your unique learning style! Continue Reading…

Get Connected with the best real estate firms in your area through our Sponsor Discount Program!

Currently we only have real estate firms which offer Sponsor Discounts towards our VA and FL courses. These sponsors include real estate agencies in the following areas: FL, MD, VA, WV, and Washington D.C. By choosing a firm as your sponsor, you’ll receive support from their Career Contact who will ensure that you have the tools you need to be successful! See our Growing List of Firms…